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Universal Hovercraft 18SPW Hoverwing Kit Partially finished


|--This is a sample picture |-- This is the one for sale --------------------------|

There is some work to do. The prop needs to be glassed and balanced, the tail section needs to be assembled. Cooling needs to be configured and mounted, wiring harness installed, paint, etc.  The pics pretty much tell the story.

It is considered 80% done.  All the major components are here including engine, skirts, both props, aluminum wing spar, wiring harness, etc.  Pretty much all the big money for parts has been spent.  Some misc. stuff like a radiator, battery, fuel tank, canopy, seats still need to purchased or scrounged.  

The engine, engine cradle, props, wiring harness,  and wing spar were ordered through UH.  The engine is 150 hp that was specially chosen for the craft. It is rebuilt and has never been fired.  UH only offered 80,100, and 120 hp at the time. The construction has been meticulous.  

The UH-18SPWs are capable of a 1200 lb payload on the water and 600 lb in flight. It carries up to four and can do 70mph plus.  With the 150hp engine, who knows.  


From Universal Hovercraft

'Hovercraft in style. Powered by a 4-cylinder automotive engine, the UH-18SP is everything you'd ever want in a hovercraft. It was designed for people who love to play. For the family that gets together for fishing, skiing, cruising and all-around fun, this is your vehicle. The UH-18SP will take you places other craft have never been. Convert your UH-18SP hovercraft into the 18SPW Hoverwing™ in less than twenty minutes and fly up to 10 feet high over waves, rocks, beaches and fields in ground effect. The wings roll up and can be stored aboard the craft for easy transportation and rapid deployment. The UH-18SPW Hoverwing™ is the only ground-effect hovercraft to be released as a plan or kit. Click the links below to see the UH-18SPW in action.

No License Required
No pilots license, No special permits
These vehicles are registered as boats and follow the same rules and regulations.
If you can operate a boat, you’re qualified to fly a Hoverwing™!

Hoverwing™ is a registered trademark of Universal Hovercraft'

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Air Commander 6

same color as this one. actual picture coming soon.

It has a Hirth F23 (35hp) lift motor and a Rotax 618 (75hp)

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Air Commander 3 SE

Features the Air Commander Vari-Lift and a Rotax 503 engine with electric and pull start. Gauges and seat cushion. Seats 3.

We are refurbishing this craft now.

$7500 includes trailer.

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SCAT 12 Liberator


On of the last Scat 12's made. It features the larger 36" duct with pie shaped lift air splitter air air flow straighteners. Electric start and oil injection.

Rotax 582 DCDI ignition and B gearbox.

Reinforced deck, you can actually step on it!

Rear seat is removable to carry cargo.

In great shape. Trailer included.

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Air Commander 3

Rotax 582 thrust and Hirth F33 lift.
Great running machine.
Digital gauges. Very fast, clean machine!

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