We are selling out of craft quickly. Please send me an email with your needs as many craft sell before we can get them on this web site.

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Hovercraft America HA5

Mazda 130 hp Rotary engine

includes trailer, Rescue ready.


SCAT 12 HP  Big Duct Kit

This Scat 12 has our Big Duct Kit installed. The BDK features a 36" fan with variable spliter. This gives the craft more thrust.
It has a Rotax 503 with electric start, gauges and navigation lights.
Seats 3.

Call for details.


The following 'Project' craft can be bought as is or we will finish them for you, call for details

Contact Gary for more info.


Air Commander 3 -- Easy Restoration Project

Rotax 503 thrust (52hp) and Zenoha G25 Lift (18hp), pull and electric start on both engines, gauges, low hours. Engine upgrades are available.

Project craft - all the parts are include. Engines are in good running order.

Easy restoration. Save a bundle! All parts are included.

call Gary for details

Red Scat 12 ---  Project   ----     

Rotax electric start, gauges, low hours. Complete.

This craft sat in the sun in the desert. it will buff out easily. The project includes all the parts to complete.



Scat 2 Project Craft

This Scat 2 can be restored to like new or just fixed and run like it is.

A quick fixer upper will bring lots of fun this summer, fall and winter!

was completely rebuilt a little year ago. It can be buffed to bring back the color, the ABS hull is good. The craft will easily carry 2 adults with a 35hp or more. Great fun on water, streams, rivers, marsh, ice and other hard to traverse terrains.


Yellow Scat 2

Rotax 52hp, pull and electric start

Good starter craft. Runs well.

Contact Gary for more info.


We Broker Hovercraft

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